Let’s Get Vaccinated!

Thanks to the development of multiple vaccines, COVID-19 may soon be a thing of the past.

Lets Get Vaccinated!

Rayaan Saleem, Bear Hub Staff

We have all been living in a pandemic. Everyone in the world knows this. As of recently we have been offered free vaccines. Kids over 12 can get the Pfizer vaccine while adults have the option to get the vaccine of their choice. But lots of people are still reluctant to take these vaccines. There have been many articles and videos talking about the different side effects of the vaccine. These side effects are scaring people away.

The COVID vaccine consists of two shots. After the first shot, three weeks later you will get the second one. Most people say the effects from the second shot are more severe than the effects from the first shot but for some people, neither shot hurts at all.

Youssef Abdelhalem, 10, tells Bear Hub, “when I got my first dose I just spun my arm in circles throughout the day and there was no pain. Just a little bit of tingling.” Some of the people administering the COVID vaccine do recommend to spin your arm and constantly keep it in motion, as that will allow the vaccine to circulate throughout your body and you won’t be in pain. Similar to Youssef’s experience, Zafir Ahmed, 10, tells Bear Hub, “Honestly speaking, my first dose didn’t hurt. I think that was mainly because I was constantly keeping my body in motion and I was having lots of water.” News outlets have also informed people to stay especially hydrated during the day they get vaccinated, as it will assist your body and help you feel better.

Joarder Rashid (10) also shares his experience with Covid Vaccine and tells Bear Hub: “My second vaccine wasn’t bad. I had a small fever that lasted a few hours and after that I felt great.” I also didn’t think my second dose was bad, aside from a headache I felt normal. Also keep in mind that the Covid caccine affects younger people more than it does older people. To only have side effects like these for immunity against covid I would say that’s a win.

Overall the Covid Vaccine wasn’t a bad experience for my friends and me. So if you are reluctant to get the vaccine just remember it’s a small price to pay for immunity against Covid, and lastly it is a big step out of this pandemic. Let’s all take this step together!

Youssef Abdelhalem (10) happily posing since he can go out in public without a mask.