What Extracurricular Should you be Doing?

There are multiple extracurriculars you can choose to do, but which one is the best?


Rayaan Saleem, Bear Hub Staff

One hundred sophomores, juniors and seniors were asked the question of which extracurricular is their favorite. The survey was set up as a fill in the blank. Out of all the answers given in the survey, track and field came out to be the favorite and most liked at a tremendous 42%.

Zafir Ahmed, a sophomore who chose track and field as his favorite, tells Bear Hub, “Track has been with me and I just love grinding to get better at it.” Many others agreed with the reasoning that they love grinding to get better.

In last place we have volleyball at 6%. Lucas Pereira, a sophomore who chose volleyball as his favorite extracurricular tells Bear Hub, “I think Volleyball is a great extracurricular, but not enough people give it a chance.” Lucas tells Bear Hub to promote Volleyball a bit and tell the people reading this to try new things.

Overall, the winner of the survey, and the EBHS number 1 ranked extracurricular was Track and Field. Following behind at second was Basketball, at third was Cheerleading, at fourth was Honor’s Society and at fifth was Volleyball.