EB Wrestling Gets to Work

The EBHS Wrestling Team has had a challenging season this year but that hasn’t stopped them from persevering and making us proud.

Rayaan Saleem, Bear Hub Staff

This season EBHS wrestling was defined by their hard work and dedication. The boys pushed through challenges and focused on learning from their losses rather than being defined by them.

“The dedication and hard work wrestling has to put in is so much more extreme than other sports,” Sa’ar Hochman (10) tells Bear Hub. The wrestling team puts in the hard work as they practice six days a week. They continue to strive to improve and dedicate themselves to making the changes they need to be better athletes.

Cullen Shamy (10) tells Bear Hub, “Wins and losses are important, but I think the grind and effort we put into even achieving those results is ten times more important.” The wrestling team continues to put in this grind and work hard to have the best season they can.

Let’s not forget about the girls either, should their season have been continued they would have done great. A handful of them were chosen for invitationals and if they had a full season they would have been on top. Kaleigh Duffy, Frankie Distel, Sofia Pizarro, and Sai Siri Desari all received an invitation to the region tournament this year. This tournament only consisted of 16 girls in the state and it is a huge accomplishment that 4 of the EBHS girls were chosen.

James Milligan (10) also tells Bear Hub about his thought on the season, “I think despite the losses and the current record we have, our team is very strong and we will only get better.” EBHS wrestling team was working hard this season, and have high expectations for the next season.