Short But Sweet: The Girls Winter Track Season

With limited time, the girls winter track team exceeded expectations.

Alefiya Presswala, Bear Hub Editor

This year’s winter sports seasons were cut short by the COVID-19 pandemic, but in true EBHS spirit, students made the best of their limited time. Specifically, with the girls winter track team, Coach Calderone reported outstanding performances in a variety of different events.

Regardless of their exceptional performances, what mattered most – and served as motivation – to the girls this year were their relationships with each other.

When asked about what her last winter track season meant to her, senior Laurel Sheard reminisced about past seasons: “I’ve developed such a strong bond with my fellow teammates and the coaches that it is bittersweet knowing I won’t see them at practice every day next year.”
Sheard shared one of her favorite sophomore year GMC memories: “I was competing in my two favorite events and tied for second in the High Jump. It was such an incredible feeling having such a large meet and being able to compete against girls from 9th-12th grade all over the county.”



Junior Emma Pusung added: “I truly don’t think that I would have run the times I have without the people I run with. Knowing that we’re not running the tough workouts alone and that we have each other is what keeps us working hard throughout the season even when it gets tiring.”

The 2020-21 girls winter track season was memorable because of one thing: teamwork. There were a number of obstacles to overcome, but like the hurdles the girls jumped over, none were too large.
As Coach Calderone told us, “Despite all the changes and setbacks…the girls stepped up at every meet, and each athlete was able to achieve personal, or season bests this year.”