Happy One-Year, Spring Break!

With the impending end of a quarter comes coveted Spring Break, and though the same general conditions apply, even a pandemic-afied break feels different from the last.


The birth of spring flowers will happen as it always has.

Jessica Velcheck, Bear Hub Staff

Spring weather may be associated with the beginning of a seemingly-endless lockdown in the future. A cool March breeze takes me back to an atmosphere less certain about the pandemic that had just confined everybody to their homes. Spring break would be a little longer than anticipated. Even when classes resumed, teachers were understandably at their wits end, and class attendances were often skeleton crews.

Though a year hasn’t been enough time to ward off Covid, things certainly have solidified now.

It feels as if we’ve fallen into a routine. Teachers can give out similar workloads to what we’re used to, and most lesson plans have been translated to online life. Students have been able to walk the halls masked for a decent stretch of time, and school feels less optional. Life has adapted. And though things might feel as if they’re gridlocked, with most emotional reactions to the conditions having been had, everything is somewhat more certain now. At least, how we are to act in the restriction of impending disease. Emotionally numbed to reality? Maybe. But the pandemic is less of a question now, and something more akin to a siege. Just weather it out. Light at the end of the tunnel is subjective, but many feel as if they can start to catch a glimpse of one.

At least, online students can take advantage of the warm weather to start school on a back deck or porch or patio. Spring break this year comes with the ability to march into it, with squared shoulders and a head held high. This time, it’ll only last a week.