Online Shopping or In-Person Shopping?

103 sophomores took a survey about their thoughts and ideas on online shopping and in-person shopping, struggling with similar things,

Online Shopping or In-Person Shopping?

Dina Elhaddad, Bear Hub Staff

92% of students surveyed struggle with at least one thing when it comes to online shopping during the pandemic. Online shopping has become more important to people’s lives as the pandemic got extended throughout 2020 and even into 2021. Shopping online is essentially similar to going to a retail store, except you have issues in the way ranging from sizes to shipping, to prices. So which is the better shopping option?

When shopping online, you must start by searching for a product or brand. Some websites, such as Amazon and SHEIN, have filters for easier searches. Looking at the images given, coming across a disappointment in looks after delivery, or sizes too big, small, short, long, is very common amongst sophomores in EBHS.
Coming with pros and cons, online shopping saves gas, sites are always open, there are no large crowds, no waiting in lines for check out and so much more. Online shopping has become more of a central part of an average internet user’s life because of the accessibility guaranteed with online shopping. You can find various goods and services at different online retail stores and vendors. Also, an online store allows you the opportunity to browse through a large selection of products. You can visit an unlimited amount of vendors in a day and compare the prices and quality of products from different stores.

Fitting is of the biggest challenges of online shopping and 35% of those students use Amazon to shop online. This being a common factor, other sites have less issues with fitting, even with a size chart. Some sites such as ASOS and PrettyLittleThing are known for having sustainability when it comes to sizes and shipping. In-person shopping is truly missed when it comes to sizes, looks, returns, and not having a long wait for your clothes to arrive.

Though the benefits outweigh the disadvantages, it’s extremely difficult figuring out whether that picture of a floral blouse is forged or real, or if the sizes fit as wanted. Sometimes the fantastic internet world feels just unreal enough that those purchases don’t have the proper realistic impact. You can spend, spend, spend without realizing it.