What to Wear and What Not to Wear

EBHS Students Take on the Hottest New Fashion Trends


Sabrina Portnoy, Bear Hub Staff

Fashion can be used as a way to express yourself based on the clothes you wear and the trends you follow. Each person has  their own unique sense of style that is representative of them and their personality. What may be one person’s favorite trend can be another’s least favorite.

Bear Hub surveyed 65 EBHS students on their favorite and least favorite fashion trends. The trends ranged from sweater vests to patterned pants and covered a large range of styles and aesthetics. As seen in the graphic, the results were divided, but 44.4% of students agreed that their favorite fashion trend was a graphic tee and mom jeans. Junior Brianna Boen’s reason for choosing this trend as her favorite was because it is “casual, comfortable, and cute.”

Surprisingly, a graphic tee and mom jeans also won for the least favorite fashion trend amongst EBHS students. An anonymous source provided insight on this consensus saying that “clothing with patterns are so much more unique.  They may be hard to style, but sometimes when the outfits don’t go together, they look so much better.”

What can be learned from this survey is that fashion is subjective. For example, while Junior Nora Hennessy described chunky flats as “ugly, uncool, and unnecessary,” Sima Abu Doush, 11, said that the same pair of shoes look “classic and vintage.”

It is important not to get too overwhelmed trying to keep up with trends and instead dress how you want to dress and in a style that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Junior Alefiya Presswala said: “With all the constant change in the fashion industry, I think it’s important to remember that you should wear what you feel comfortable with and not be pressured into wearing something ‘trendy’ or ‘cool’.” At the end of the day, there will never be a style or outfit that is liked by the majority so dress for yourself!