The World is Yours

Will the EBHS graduating class of 2021 be going to out-of-state colleges or in-state colleges?


Sarah Kincaid, Bear Hub Editor

The end of senior year is a very exciting time for the class of 2021, it’s a time to celebrate past accomplishments and congratulate themselves on future endeavors. Possibly one of the biggest steps of one’s life is now about to occur, meaning the EBHS seniors are off to college in just a few months. No matter if they may choose to stay in the lovely New Jersey, or choose to explore another part of this world, this is no doubt a thrilling (and a bit stressful) time for high school seniors!

Bear Hub surveyed students from this year’s graduating class to learn about their college plans, and where that may lead them. A crucial question Bear Hub delved into was whether seniors planned on studying the next few years at an out-of-state school, or an in-state school. College can be a great time to finally step out of your comfort zone and gain some independence in a totally new environment. Diane Kim, 12, tells Bear Hub that she is choosing to go out-of-state for school by saying, “I lived in NJ all my life, so it’s time for a change.” A simple, yet effective reasoning for taking that further step. Exploring a new place may also be beneficial for your certain path- or major – you are choosing to follow for the future. Senior Anna Cibrian gives her input saying, “I believe I will have better opportunities for my future career in other states, and it is also an opportunity to change my environment and explore new places.”

Now of course, staying in-state has a ton of benefits as well, and offers a more comforting and familiar next few years or students. Being away from home can be a frustrating topic and of course it’s not for everyone, so by no means is staying in New Jersey a bad thing for one’s future plans. Emily Razak, senior, will be staying in NJ with the reasoning of it being “more cost effective and (she) didn’t want to be too far from (her) family.” Again, a simple, yet effective reasoning for why this choice is best for some.

It’s going to be scary at first, of course, but don’t be afraid to make this world yours and create a life you are proud of. A huge congratulations to the East Brunswick High School class of 2021 on making the best out of their last year here! BearHub wishes the graduating seniors only the best of luck with their future endeavors, wherever that may take them.