Attack on Dec 7th: The Biggest Anime Hype Train

December 7th marks a big day for anime watchers around the world. Fans have waited almost 520 days for the final season of the highly rated show Shingeki no Kyojin or better known as Attack on Titan.


Ali Soherwardy, Bear Hub Staff

The show is about a secluded society that hides from monsters known as Titans that roam forign land outside of giant walls. These walls act as a barrier between normal everyday life and these Titans for around 100 years. One day, the wall is breached by these Titans and the people inside are put up against the thing their society has feared the most in its past years. Eren Yeager, a young boy living in these walls, has his whole world rocked as these Titans attack his home and kill his mother. He swears revenge that he will kill every single last Titan in revenge for this people, no matter what it takes.

The show is known for its amazing animation style done by WIT Studio and its engrossing plot written by Hajime Isayama. Isayama’s development of characters is something that stands out to most viewers as the characters are well known around the world. Bhaskar Jain, 12, has been watching anime for quite some time now and has become a self declared connoisseur. When asked about his opinion on AOT, he said “With a combination of detailed animation and nuanced plot development throughout the 3 seasons, it stands as one of my favorite animes. The world building here is something I have never seen before and some fight scenes have been engraved on my brain.”

Bhaskar Jain, 12, maximizes his time by watching all 3 seasons of Attack On Titan at the same time.

If there was a perfect anime out there so far, Attack on Titan would be close to it. Countless episodes from the show are marked as some of the highest rated tv show episodes by IMDB. Out of the 26 episodes that are ranked 9.9/10, Shingeki no Kyojin takes 4 of those spots . There are few days until the first episode of the new season drops and it will take a couple of months for this grand season to end. The anime world stops at a standstill waiting for the most anticipated season of all of anime history.