An Insight into Virtual Math at EBHS

“I love to help students understand concepts, and see the happiness and relief when the ‘big picture’ comes together.” Calculus teacher Traci Smith tells EBHS Bear Hub.


EBHS Math Department at an event.

Rayaan Saleem, Bear Hub Staff


As of this school year, most districts, including ours have switched to virtual learning. EBHS has given all of its students Lenovo laptops and asks them to join meetings at specified times and use one note and other online resources to complete their work. For some teachers this has created difficulties and tedious problems in their original teaching plans. However, the EBHS math department forges ahead and continues to give students an amazing learning experience.

Musab Tariq, a sophomore at EBHS, shares his experience with online math this year. “Math keeps getting better each and every year, our math department is amazing for continuing to expand and help students understand lessons.” EBHS has undergone many significant changes to make the virtual math experience as welcoming as it is. The teachers are there for extra help for this new form of learning, and enthusiastically invite students to ask about the lesson if they don’t understand it. The EBHS Math Department makes the students feel comfortable with asking any question, no matter how basic. Students can succeed because the Math Department motivates them.

The bulk of students assume writing on paper and worksheets when they hear “math.” With COVID however OneNote is the new paper and pencil. Students are using styluses instead of pencils, and online touch screens instead of paper. Students have trouble drawing on the screen with their styluses yet the Math department gives them alternatives and many solutions and continues to stay motivated so their students can too.

Overall, the EBHS Math Department went through many changes just to push forward and come out to be an even better department filled with amazing and helpful teachers.  They are having many after school sessions, one on one meetings with students and making helpful videos showing how to understand a challenging subject and have an amazing and helpful learning experience.

Musab Tariq (10) doing his math work using One Note.