Online Notes or Paper Notes

With the COVID pandemic, many schools have shut down and resorted to distance learning. Students are provided with school-issued laptops in order to login to their classes and take notes, but is it more convenient than paper?

Online Notes or Paper Notes

Alan Caiza-Bazurto, Bear Hub Staff

When in a building-based classroom, students would open their marble composition notebooks and jot down notes for whatever they were learning, but with distance learning the notes have shifted from being written on paper to being typed on a laptop.

Students at EBHS also had their own opinions on the note taking this year. A senior named Kalrav Pandit shared his opinion on note taking this year and said “I prefer taking notes online because I’m disorganized and tend to lose papers easily. Having my notes on my computer lets me have everything in one place.” While another student who would like to stay anonymous said “When I take notes in my notebook I feel more comfortable. Since I’m not much of a tech person I prefer to write my notes down” by hand on paper.

In my experience, I like having my notes on my laptop because it beats all the paper I would accumulate in my backpack, and it has also saved me and my parents some money since I have not needed to buy anything. Students will use any option they see fit in order to keep themselves organized during the school year.