An EBHS Students Perspective on Reducing Stress During Online School

The start of a new school year can be stressful for anyone. New classes, new teachers and new friends are all difficult to adjust to, especially when all of our interactions are virtual. Staring at a computer screen all day can make you feel stressed, isolated and unfocused. In such unprecedented times, it is nice to have something that comforts you.


A selfie of Lillian Love with the cookies she just baked.

Sabrina Portnoy, Bear Hub Staff

I suggest decorating your room or workspace however you want. It is calming to be surrounded by things you like, especially when doing work you might not like so much. In my room, for example, I have a candle that smells like lavender and a few motivational signs lit up by LED lights. These decorations are not extravagant; however, if I am ever feeling overwhelmed while trying to complete my work, I light my candle and it instantly puts me in a better head space.

I also recommend building time into your schedule to go on a walk or stretch. Walking away from your work helps your mind rest and develop better ideas. Annaliese Simons, a Junior at EBHS, notes “Taking deep breaths, stretching, and drinking water all help me stay calm and provide a little mental break when I get overwhelmed.”

To take a break from her work and destress, Lillian Love (above), a Junior at EBHS, enjoys “baking cookies because [she] can take [her] mind off of [her] stressful day and make something delicious in the process.”

For me, it is important to find things that I enjoy doing, especially when I am tasked with difficult assignments. When life gets too overwhelming I am able to destress and get back on track by implementing a few of these strategies and you can do the same. You’ve got this!