Senior Photos and Quotes Submission

Links for seniors to submit photos, baby pictures, and quotes to the yearbook.


EBHS Yearbook

Class of 2022 Senior Portrait Information:

  • Senior yearbook pictures will take place from September 13 – September 15 in Room A-1 at EBHS.
  • Please call Prestige/LifeTouch at 1-800-687-9327 or go online at – school code 521 to schedule an appointment.
  • There is no purchase necessary and no sitting fee.
  • If you opt to use a photographer other than Prestige/LifeTouch, you must submit the senior portrait according to the instructions here. Photos taken by an outside photography company must be submitted by Friday, October 30th by 3pm – no exceptions. It is the responsibility of the submitter to make sure their yearbook photo has been properly received by the yearbook staff.

SENIOR PORTRAIT due October 30th

Submit Senior Portraits: CLICK HERE

(If you have already gotten your senior portrait taken with Prestige Portraits or Upscale Photography, you DO NOT need to submit your photo. It will be submitted to us automatically.)
You can also e-mail the photo to:
[email protected]

Seniors Baby Pictures Due November 30th

Submit your BABY PICTURE for the Yearbook!

Submit Baby Pictures: CLICK HERE

(Due November 30th – NO EXCEPTIONS!)

Senior Quotes Due November 30th

Submit Senior Quote: CLICK HERE

DUE November 30th


Additional Info:

If you are interested in ordering the
Senior Panoramic Photo email Mrs. Roman @ [email protected]
Pricing info:
Laminated: $23.00
Non-Laminated: $18.00
2 Laminated: $39.00
2 Non-Laminated: $29.00




1. I missed the deadline to select my senior pose from Prestige Portraits (the photos that were taken at EBHS). What do I do?
Answer: You need to go to Prestige’s website or call 908-755-1517 if you’re interested in changing your pose. Tell Prestige which portrait pose number you want. They will then contact Mrs. Roman. You do not need to contact Mrs. Roman or EBHS directly.

2. (Parent Question) Why can’t I submit my son or daughter’s senior quote or baby picture using the google form?
Answer: The form only accepts email addresses. Seniors need to use their school email address to access the form.

3. I am afraid my senior quote will not be accepted because it might be perceived as inappropriate. Should I submit an additional back-up quote?
Answer: The best answer is not to submit quotes that you feel may be inappropriate. HOWEVER, If you feel you must, you may submit a back-up quote but make sure you *clearly indicate* which is your first choice and which is your second choice.

4. I missed the deadline for senior portrait scheduling / senior quote submission / baby picture / senior spotlight application; what do I do?
Answer: In a school of our size, it is crucial to adhere to deadlines. Yearbook advisors continually submit sections of the yearbook to the yearbook company for publishing, and often after deadlines have been met, advisors are actually unable to further edit sections at all. If you have missed any of these deadlines, your material cannot be included in the book.

5. I got my senior photo taken both at EBHS with Prestige Portraits, and also on my own through Upscale Photography. How do I let you know my preferred photo?
Answer: We will default to using the Upscale Photo unless you specifically reach out to [email protected] and express otherwise.