Building Your Quarantine Playlist

To pass the time in quarantine, EBHS students have become attached to music to get them through the tough times – here are their recommendations!


As a recently popular trend on Instagram, anyone and everyone who wanted to share their favorite albums edited them in to this picture of Bill Clinton lovingly clutching on to them.

Caroline Serpico, Bear Hub Staff

In a time where it seems nothing is certain and our routines have been uprooted, we remain grounded and connected through a universal language that helps us all through life’s tougher moments: music.

While some of us may be spending more time at home and others more at work, music provides an outlet for anyone going through a stressful time to escape into and feel embraced in the lyrics and harmonies of our favorite artists.

For EBHS senior Cassandra Ren, All Time Low’s recent album “Wake Up, Sunshine” has been especially uplifting in this time of uncertainty. “It’s a fun album that has All Time Low’s classic pop-punk goodness while experimenting with new sounds. The album has features by blackbear and The Band CAMINO and overall is an uplifting album to dance to during these questionable times.”

In addition to our strong need to feel uplifted, music that provides a sense of escapism is also essential for us to take a minute to step away from our regular demands. For senior Alexandra Simos, “Blue World” by Mac Miller has “become one of [her] favorite quarantine songs.”

“[I listen to it] while going for a much-needed walk or drive. It gives me a feeling of freedom and happiness despite the difficult times we are experiencing.”

Whether it be shuffling a new Spotify playlist or scrolling through the pictures of Bill Clinton holding records on your Instagram feed, now is the time to expand your music taste and find some songs that can help keep you sane during the quarantine. Below is a gallery of some songs or artists various EBHS members have recommended to aid you in doing just that.