Corona Downtime

Trying to occupy yourself during so much free time can be difficult, but there’s always something you can do.

Sarah Kincaid, Bear Hub Editor

52 people were surveyed about how they choose to spend their time during this Corona quarantine.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic spreading throughout our world, humans are experiencing a time period filled with chaos and panic. We are unable to spend our days like we usually do with our friends, at school, or at work. Our days for the past two weeks have consisted of us not really knowing what to do with this time that we have on our hands now. So with so much downtime, we have to figure out what exactly what we can do to occupy ourselves while stuck at home.

52 people voiced their opinions during this chaotic time about what they use their downtime for during quarantine. The most popular answer was “Netflix 24/7,”  as 17 people voted for this option. Let us all say a huge thank you to Netflix for giving us something to do at all times during these past few weeks.

The second most popular option with 11 votes was “Staring at the ceiling for hours, thinking of how bored I am.” I think we can all agree that we’re feeling this exact way right about now thanks to quarantine.

8 people voted for “Reorganizing my room for the hundredth time.” Since we’re all basically living out of our rooms, it’s a good use of our time to make them look a little nicer.

Napping was a choice picked by 6 people and I guess using our free time to get some extra hours of sleep sounds like a pretty nice idea.

“Feasting on quarantine snacks” was voted for by 4 people, and may I add a reminder to not eat all of your quarantine snacks at once!

Also with 4 votes is doing schoolwork during quarantine which is a great use for our time, and it’s the perfect time to work on not procrastinating.

A special option, added in by 2 people, was “crying,” and even though we are all feeling a little down recently especially since we aren’t able to see our friends, it’s important to keep your chin up and have a positive outlook on the future.

From the results of these 52 people, it is clear that we are all trying to think of a good way to spend our downtime during this quarantine. No matter how you are spending your time, whether that is with Netflix by your side all day, or getting in as much sleep as you possibly can, use it wisely and try to make these quarantine days a little better for yourself while staying safe and healthy!