Munchkins or Donuts? Choose Your Pick

You walk into your local doughnut shop, and the smell of coffee beans and sweet syrups welcomes you. Across the counter, you see a rack of iced, glazed and filled donuts calling your name. However, right next to them you see a mountain of glistening balls, in an assortment of delicious flavors. Now you have a dilemma. Which one do you choose–the large donuts, or the cute shareable donut holes? EBHS Bear Hub just might have an answer for you.


Above is an Infographic showing the results of the survey. Munchkins won by only a few votes.

Clara Deguerre, BearHub Staff

After surveying the school which donut style they prefer: munchkins or classic donuts, the results reveal that EBHS students are relatively evenly split. In a near-tie 52 to 48, munchkins won.

Since 1950, Dunkin has been selling donuts, a baked good they are notorious for. It was 22 years later that they introduced the ‘Munchkin,’ a fun-size glazed donut hole (Dunkin Donuts). Munchkins have since then, gotten extremely popular, and according to EBHS, are the superior dessert.

Why are they superior, you may ask? Senior, Ilayda Guneren says that she prefers donut holes because “They’re bite-sized and cute.” Another senior, Alyssa Caroselli says she likes them more because donut holes “are easier to eat.” Clearly, the convenience of the poppable dessert makes it the more popular treat.

Those who voted for donuts, had different things to say. Senior Lazaya Clarke believes that “Donuts are better because they’re bigger and they have more flavor.” Several teachers agreed, also saying that “Donuts are better because you don’t have to share them. You have one for yourself.”

While donuts are delicious, munchkins have something that donuts don’t. They’re shareable. Whether you get them for you and your best friend, or bring them into class to share, they bring people together. It’s the moments you make while sharing with others, that you remember forever.

No matter what you prefer to indulge in: donut holes, or the larger treat, EBHS has proven that both are a great choice. Either one is able to satisfy your sweet tooth 😉