Time for a Color Change!

100 people were asked to make the cruial decision of what color Sarah Kincaid should dye her hair next!


Pictued are the resuts from a survey collected asking 100 people what color hair they would prefer on Sarah Kincaid.

Sarah Kincaid, Bear Hub Editor

Pictured are the results from a survey collected asking 100 people what color hair they would prefer on Sarah Kincaid.

Picture it- it’s a Friday night, you’re at home and you’re bored. You want some sort of change in your life but let’s face it, you’re too lazy to actually do anything big and you’re also broke so you can’t do much change. But then, you realize that what you need is some color in your life- and the best way to do that is to dye your hair.

So that’s where I am, adding some color in my life by means of my hair. I’ve already dyed my hair a couple times now, but it’s always fun to switch things up. The one problem with this though, is that I myself am a terribly indecisive person when it comes to just about anything. Therefore, I needed to figure out what color I am going to dye my hair next, and I obviously would be unable to decide this on my lonesome.

I figured that the only way I was gonna come up with a new color to dye my hair, was to ask other people. So, 100 people had the pressure of deciding my next hair color instead of all the pressure being on me. Out of these many people who got to vote, the top choices for most were periwinkle, hot pink, and blonde. But, in the end it all came down to one color.

The winner, with 53 votes, was periwinkle.

The 100 participants in this life-changing decision seem to agree with me that change is good and some color is always needed in life.  Maybe it’s the soothing calm of the color, or the playful friendliness; either way, these people asked for it with their answer choices, and they shall receive. So, periwinkle will be my next hair color thanks to the people who guided my indecisive self towards an answer!