We Tie Young

A big milestone in becoming an adult is knowing how to dress for formal occasions. Dressing properly, and with fitting clothes, can help you form a great first impression with anyone you meet. This is especially important in a job interview where that first impression can make or break your chances.

We Tie Young

Arjun Deepak, Bear Hub Staff

For boys, ties are an essential part of that milestone. Ties are a great way to add a splash of personal style to the traditional suit. It is a chance to make your outfit your own. Learning how to tie one’s own tie marks that milestone.

Surprisingly, out of 101 East Brunswick High School students surveyed, only 52 said they knew how to tie a tie. Senior, Vivek Kumar explains, “there’s like not many times I have to wear a tie. Most of the time my dad just does it.” Which seems to be the general sentiment among students, that there just does not seem to be a pressing need.

This seems to be reflected in the current trends in professional fashion. The most famous, and revolutionary, example of this was Steve Jobs’s fashion. He was constantly seen not with a tie around his neck, but a black turtleneck. The new generation of professionals appears to prefer more casual wear. Dressing up nice does not automatically mean a suit and tie anymore.

Despite this shift, the tie will never go away. They have stood the test of time. Formal events, like weddings, will still require them as part of their dress code. Judges will still expect to see suits and ties in their courtrooms.
Knowing to tie a tie is not as useful as it was in the past but the apparel has become ingrained into our society. The milestone might not be as big, but it still deserves a mark.

Just in case your “friend” doesn’t know how to tie a tie.