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After conducting our survey to answer the question: What’s Your Go To? This is the data we collected from our 100 survey doers.

What’s Your Go To?

For high school students and teachers, the act of getting up in the morning is always a stretch, but a morning pick-me-up helps kickstart the day. At EBHS, it is not uncommon to see people in the halls with a cup of coffee in hand, from Dunkin’ to Starbucks, or from Wawa to even our school cafeteria. After surveying 100 EBHS students and staff, Bear Hub found out which one is the top spot to go to. Keep reading to see who claimed the number one title!

March 24, 2020

The alarm clock on the bedside table rings, and the many students and staff of East Brunswick High School awake for yet another day. Rolling out of bed, still sleepy, they all begin their daily routines as the sun starts to rise. No morning is complete without making a stop to grab a bite and a pick me up to fuel the day. With “65% of coffee consumption [taking] place during breakfast hours.” according to the Huffington Post, it is no surprise to see an abundance of people in the halls with a cup in hand. The big question is of all the popular spots in town, which one comes out on top as THE go-to for EBHS? Bear Hub surveyed 100 people of EBHS to find out.

For some, 2 out of the 100 people we heard from, choose our wonderful school cafeteria for breakfast before heading to class because it is so convenient and the least out of the way option for them, whereas 20% of respondents choose Wawa as their first and favorite stop of the day. Hearing the bells about the door jingle as they step in and head to the kiosk for a cup of joe, then grabbing a snack off one of the shelves on their way to the register is quite ideal for their morning. Senior, David Suchecki says that “I like Wawa’s coffee because I like how they brew it and they provide good service for it.” For junior, Trinity McDonald, “Wawa has everything you could possibly want!”While Wawa has great things to start the day, 37 people prefer Starbucks. Starbucks kicks things off in style with its staple modern cafe aesthetic. Walking into a Starbucks, seeing the freshly made treats through the glass, and the array of options to choose from never gets old. Starbucks has so many unique drinks on their menu which is one of the reasons why it holds so much popularity. Mrs. Roman, an arts teacher at EBHS, agrees stating that “There are many more drink options (like the Nitro Cold Brew) and also, the interior design of Starbucks is soooo much better than Dunkin’!”

Starbucks and Dunkin’ came very close in our results, but with 41% of respondents selecting Dunkin’, we can say that EBHS runs on Dunkin’. Being founded in 1950, Dunkin’ is the oldest eatery on this list. The classic feeling of walking into a Dunkin’ and picking from dozens of the freshly baked , mouth watering doughnuts displayed on the walls, with a bag of steaming hot hashbrowns and a coffee can’t compare. Senior, Frank Santana mentions “I like the bagels and donuts.” For EBHS, nothing is better than a Dunkin’ run to start off an excellent day.

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