Bella Voce; Beautiful Voice

These girls make the ‘bella’ in “Bella Voce.”


(left to right) Athena Goldstein, Ayman Khalil, and Tina Zheng after a bella voce concert.

Clara Deguerre, BearHub Staff

According to Webster’s dictionary, family is “a group of people united by certain convictions or a common affiliation: fellowship.” Bella Voce, an all girls chorus class, is a family.

Beauty is in the name itself– Bella Voce– which means beautiful voice in Italian. This group of about 50 girls sing together every day period two in preparation for two concerts during the school year. As if singing in a choir isn’t hard enough, it gets harder- the class is an honors choir course. The girls go through several challenges throughout their journey to vocal perfection.

One might ask why Bella Voce is worth the blood, sweat and tears. Senior Caitlin Gaspich has an answer:
“You spend so much time working hard to perfect the music and make sure you’re happy with what you perform, but while doing that you become very close with the girls, and you become a family.” These girls are given several songs to memorize and perfect by the time the next concert arrives. They try their best to blend their voices together, in order to sound like one central voice.

Bella Voce is a warm and welcoming community where one can have fun while striving for perfection. Not only do the girls practice their vocals, they take more with them: a family they can cherish forever.