These are the top 3 skskshoes vsco girls are wearing:

VSCO girl: A new trend, which has found it’s viral niche amongst teen girls who favor a certain lifestyle of wearing expensive clothing, and owning expensive accessories. As if the stickered hydroflasks, sleeves of scrunchies, and oversized t-shirts aren’t enough–shoes are a crucial part in a vsco girl’s lifestyle. Chances are, if you own all three of these shoes, you are a vsco girl. Don’t be skskscared when the results are accurate.


Senior Leah Chin smiles for the camera with her scrunchie.

Clara Deguerre, BearHub Staff

1. Let’s take it back to basics- the holy grail of all shoes– the white Air Force One’s. Somehow, these sneakers can spice up any outfit–leggings and an over-sized champion sweatshirt, or perhaps a cardigan and plaid skirt from Brandy Melville. Senior, Leah Chin, agrees. “They’re an all white sneaker that goes with everything. I love them.”

2. Next, come the Birkenstocks, or as many like to say, the Jesus sandals. Apparently, the ($90) sandal is appealing because of their comfort; however, the murky green colored straps over the tan cork bottom must be the selling features.

3. Last, but definitely not least, are a throwback to the 80’s — the insanely heavy, Doc Marten platform boots. The “Jadon Platform 8-Eye boot,” comes in several colors: green, white, black, and red; however, vsco girls tend to stick with the white and black ones. Not only are these boots worn in Winter, girls pull them out in the summer too.