Introducing the Bear Store!

Mrs. Moskowitz believes that it “is important to create opportunities for our students to have real-life experiences to practice their functional academic skills and social skills.”


Arjun Deepak, Bear Hub Staff

The product of this philosophy is the student-run Bear Store. With help from the East Brunswick Education Foundation, Mrs.Moskowitz’s classes have opened the store with the goal to provide her students with, “genuine opportunities to interact with their peers and learn retail skills.” 

The store sells many items such as reusable silicone straws, stickers for AirPods, and more. All items are for sale at replacement cost, making the store a great place to get a deal – though there is more value than the cost of their transactions. By shopping at the school store you are providing opportunities for your peers to experience valuable life lessons while enriching the EBHS community. 

Shopping at the school store isn’t about paying for things, it’s about paying it forward and helping your school community become a better place. Next Friday, before lunch, grab your friends and check out The Bear Store.