A Pep Rally for the Books

Senior year brings out the school spirit in many of the upperclassmen of EBHS. The class of 2020 dressed up in school colors, and expressed excitement during the pep rally.


Seven seniors, all dressed in EBHS apparel and spirit wear, happily pose for a picture.

Clara Deguerre, BearHub Staff

“Let’s Go Be-ears Let’s Go!” A row of white stomps to the beat of the chant. Seniors move side to side, arms around each other, singing and laughing as the cheerleaders upraise the school. 

“Woohooo, let’s go,” Cruz Kmetz screams. He’s dressed in a white sweatshirt, a green gemmed necklace around his neck. Behind him stands a sea of figures also dressed in white, their apparel and excitement being proof of their high school spirit. The first pep rally of 2019 certainly brought out the school spirit in the seniors,  not only were they dressed up, but they were animated, excited, and ready to cheer on their class athletes. 

“It’s exciting,” senior Jordan Feiner explains. Being in the midst of our class and rooting for each other. I’m gonna miss pep rallies.” 

While it might be the last year of pep rallies for the seniors of EBHS, you can be assured that they will make the following ones count with lots of laughter, excitement, and spirit.