The Feeling is as Right as Rain

The calm before the storm. The brief bliss before the home show. All shed in pursuit of perfection.


Arjun Deepak, Bear Hub Staff

That small fleeting moment after it’s over; the adrenaline of knowing you will fly to the sun but not share the same fate as Icarus. The rainbow array of flags thrown by the color guard, their rhythm guiding both movements and notes. The fleeting taste of perfection pervades your mouth. The months of work, hours of practice, social life sacrificed; it will all be worth it for the show.

Two parents sitting in the cold rain watching the show; it matters to them.

The calm after the storm. The high of the performance and roars from the bleachers have died down. It’s the end of fall; the season is over. The impossibly close bonds with your fellow band members will fade. The oldest will leave your community forever. Off to new adventures in faraway lands but forever carrying the spirit of the East Brunswick Marching Band with them. Their departure symbolized by arches composed of gold and silver balloons. Their crossing brings a deep feeling of melancholy to the rest of the band. The smile still persists – only one year until the band meets again. The calm before the storm rears its beautiful head again.