Emboldening the Future of EBHS

Parents are encouraged to attend parent-teacher conferences where they learn more about their student’s school life and gain advice from teachers ranging from Film Appreciation to AP Calculus.


Andrew Yuen

Chantal Hagan, English Teacher, reassures a parent worried about their student’s academic performance.

Andrew Yuen, Bear Hub Staff

The bell rings. Teachers rush out of the building in waves, hoping to get some rest before parent-teacher conferences. Over the next four days, fatigued teachers attempt to console the parents of failing students and gratify others whose students excel.

The juxtaposition of smiling faces and ticking clocks test even the most experienced teachers. Lining the halls, impatient parents wait outside classrooms, discussing their children’s academics with one another. One by one, they are introduced to the teacher they have heard their child complain about or the teacher who always comes up in light-hearted dinner conversation. In one classroom, a teacher is bombarded with rapid-fire questions by a dissatisfied mother. In another, a parent thanks the teacher for inspiring their child to pick up new hobbies.

Even through some difficult conversations, teachers are tasked with reassuring parents and energizing them into staying active in their child’s lives. More importantly, teachers reinforce the fact that parents are just as crucial for their children’s development and that continuous engagement is key for their success.

Facing her Thinkpad towards a parent, Chantal Hagan, an English teacher, flips through her student’s essays. Charming the parent with humor, she points out areas of improvement while affirming the student’s capabilities. Although she maintains an air of professionality, Hagan reaffirms that both she and the parent value the student’s success over anything else.

After conferences, teachers and parents feel emboldened and hopeful for the future.